Numbers Don't Lie



-       Fennel Crusted Salmon w/ Chive yogurt Sauce (Cal. 243) (P: 34g; C: 4g; F: 9g)

-       Grilled Cherry Tomato Turkey Burgers (Cal. 297) (P: 33g; C: 9g; F:4g)

-       Grilled Herb Chicken (Cal: 320) (P:42g; C:30g; F: 6g)

-       Blackened Tilapia (Cal: 100) (P:20g; C: 0g; F: 3g)


-       Green Beans and Onions (Cal: 67g) (P: 2g; C: 9g; F:4g)

-       Glazed Onions (Cal: 44) (P: 1g; C: 10g; F: 0g)

-       Roasted Carrots with Fresh Thyme (Cal: 102) (P: 2.1; C:7g; F: 2g)


-       Crispy Parmesan Chickpeas (Cal: 122) (P:5g; C: 13g; F: 5.7g)

-       Turmeric Coconut Rice (Cal: 162) (P:3g; C: 26g F:6g)

-       Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Cal: 112) (P: 2g; C: 17g; F:4g)

One Hit Wonders

-       Turkey, Bacon, and Egg Kale Salad (Cal: 257) (P: 14g; C: 17g; F: 15.9g)

-       Herbed Shrimp and White Bean Salad (Cal: 276) (P:30g; C:23g; F: 6.7g)


-       Lemony Chickpeas with Rice and Kale (Cal: 379) (P:12g; C: 65g; F: 8g) (GF)

-       Vegan Mexican Rice with Tofu (Cal: 507) (P: 10g; C:102g; F:6g)

-       Chilli Sin Carne (Cal: 340 Cal) (P: 25g; C:43g; F:6g)

Kenneth Watson