On November 11, 2017 a dining experience unlike any other was held at Esquire Estates! “dine” as it was titled, was advertised as an intimate dinner for friends and family of Esquire Meals. Limited to 20 guests, “dine” created the intimate atmosphere with 100s of candle, dim mood lighting and food fit for royalty.

The purpose of “dine” was to introduce owner and Chef Kenneth Watson to the “world.” The intimacy was able to bring guests who had never met each other together so that they could all experience what clients of the Meal Prep service experience every week. The night started off with a “delicious” cocktail hour as guests were greeted with the “Esquire Punch” created by certified mixologist Karmia Ryans and chef inspired hors d’oeuvres including the crowd favorite Mac ‘N Cheese Bites. As for dinner, guests had two options from each course to choose making their decisions very difficult as each dish was inspired from Kenneth’s own experiences, as the courses were labeled the “Past, Present and Future.” As the dinner ended, the conversation did not and what ensued was truly magical! Guests who started as strangers became friends, Instagram, facebook and real life. An energy felt by everybody was now contagious and the evening turned from great to AMAZING! 


“dine” will go down as a once in a lifetime experience as the event garnered plenty of media attention, guests have required to be notified of the next one and future dining events! “dine” was successful because the energy captured the true essence of Esquire Meals. Class and prestige.   


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