Be The Best You


-       Curry Shrimp (Cal: 108) (P: 9g/F: 6g/ C: 5g)

-       Ground Turkey and Peppers (Cal: 160) (P: 20g/F: 9g/C: 0g)

-       Sriracha Lime Salmon (Cal: 217) (P: 28g/F:9g/ C: 4g)


-       Roasted Radishes (Cal: 47)(P: 1g/ F: 3g/ C: 6g)

-       Lemon Rubbed Spinach (Cal: 52) (P:5g/ F:2g/C:7g)

-       Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms (Cal: 160) (P:3g/ F: 14g/C:6g)

-       Sweet Kale (Cal: 140) (P: 3g/ F: 8g/ C: 15g)


-       Brown Rice (Cal: 124) (P: 3g/ F:1g/ 26g)

-       Cremini Mushrooms and Garlic Parmesan Quinoa (Cal: 374)(P: 13g/ F: 6g/ C: 69g)

-       Cuban Style Black Beans (Cal: 110) (P:7g/ F: 1g/ C:19g)

One Hit Wonders

-       Korean Chicken Lettuce Wrap (Cal: 400) (P: 35g/ F:3g/ C: 12g)

-       Blood Orange Salad topped with Smoked Salmon (Cal: 272) (P: 21g/ F:12g/ 28g)


-       Lemony Lentil and Chickpea Salad with Radish and Herbs (Cal: 197) (P: 8g/ F: 7g/ C:23g)  

-       Island Fried Rice with Tofu (Cal: 257) (P: 6g/ F: 11g/ C: 34g) 

Kenneth Watson