The Right Way to Take Action


-       Sticky Turkey Meatballs (Cal: 175) (PL 17g; F: 13g; C: 8g)

-       Herbed Chicken (Cal: 112) (P: 17g F: 4g C: 0g)  

-       Fajita Shrimp (Cal: 151) (P: 24g; F: 6g; C: 0g)


-       Moroccan Style Carrots (Cal: 71) ( P: 2g F: 3g C: 11g)

-       Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Cal: 43) (P: 3g; F: 2

-       Sautéed Kale ( Cal: 83) (P: 3g; F: 4g: C: 11g)

-       Grilled Asparagus (Cal: 33) (P:3g; F: 1g; C:5g)


-       Soba Noodles ( Cal: 113) (P: 6g F: 0g C: 24g)

-       Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Cal: 114) (P: 2g/ F:0g/ C: 27g)

-       Bean Salad with Bacon and Chives (Cal: 201) P: 11g F: 9g C: 27g)

-       Jasmine Rice (Cal: 160) (P: 3g; F:1g; C: 36g)

One Hit Wonders

-       Jerk Chicken Salad on A Croissant with Arugula, Tomato and Red Onion (Cal: 530) P:51g; F: 10g; C: 56g)

-       Blackened Tilapia with Peach Tomato Salad (Cal: 349) (P: 32g; F: 20g; 13g)

-       Grilled Salmon over Watermelon Cucumber Salad (Cal: 255) (P: 33g F: 23g C: 6g )


-       Vegan Island Fried Rice (Cal: 142) (P: 18g; F: 5g; C:16g)

-       Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos (Cal: 337) (P: 8g F: 21g C: 36g)

-       Lemony Kale, Turmeric, and Garbanzo Bean Rice (Cal: 379) (P: 12g; F: 8g; C: 65g)  

Kenneth Watson